# Domains I own

This is a list of domains I own or own a part of (as part of Liscio Apps). The list is mainly to keep myself honest about all the domains I own and if I'm actually using them.

# Domain In use? Notes
1 boleary.dev Yes You're on it!
2 brendan.fyi Yes Used as a URL shorter
3 brendanoleary.com Yes Just redirects to boleary.dev
4 doyouevenart.com Yes Podcast I co-host about art in modern times. Currently on hiatus but still proud of what's there 😄
5 hnsuite.com Yes Site for a Chrome extension I wrote to make reading Hacker News a little easier and nicer
6 definotily.com Yes Just a funny word someone said once, so I made it say "No, yeah no"
7 buildinclusive.com Yes Website that goes along with my talk on inclusive and accessible design
8 7rings.dev No I do use this every once and a while...it's based off the Ariana Grande based development plan
9 allremotestack.com Yes A site about the stack of software you need to be a Remote company
10 gitlabtheme.com Yes A list of various GitLab-themed themes
11 labwork.dev Yes Various "side" projects I use at work
12 tanukigotchi.com Yes A fun game based off the old school Tamagotchi
13 liscioapps.com Yes Homepage for Liscio Apps
14 listme.chat Yes Side project - a Slack app
15 getquizme.com Yes Side project - a spaced repetition app
16 knightcheck.com Yes Side project - COVID screening tool for schools
17 onboardingbuddy.com Yes Side project - Slack based onboarding app
18 retutora.com No Dead side project that was going to be the AirBnB of finding tutors
19 musicteacher.io No Dead side project - app for independent music teachers
20 emailishard.com No Dead side project - Give your phone number, get your email address
21 askjocko.com No Silly project where you as Jocko questions, he tells you to do pull ups
22 slashcollartug.com No Silly Slack app that just adds /collartug to Slack and returns this gif