Domains I own


Domain In Use? Notes
1 Yes You're on it
2 Yes Used as a URL shortner
3 Yes Just redirects to
4 Yes Just redirects to Used for email.
5 Yes Site that goes along with my talk on inclusive and accessible design
6 Yes Email proxy domain
7 Yes Podcast I co-host about art in modern times. Currently on hiatus but still proud of w
8 Yes Site for a Chrome extension I wrote to make reading Hacker News a little easier and nicer
9 Yes A blog for learning about technical side of live theatre
10 ? What my kids call me
11 Yes A blog to encourage people to contribute, speak, etc. even if they don't feel technical enough
12 No Sitting on it
13 No Sitting on it
14 Yes A place for Ex-GitLab team members to meet and hire each other

Liscio Apps

Domain In Use? Notes
1 Yes Liscio Apps homepage
2 Yes A spaced repetition app
3 Yes Slack-based onboarding app
4 Yes A simple todo list for Slack

Domains that I used to own

Why do I have this list? What ever happened to Gotye? These are questions we may never have answers to.

Domain Notes .dev got released as did 7 rings from Ariana Granda A site about the stack of software you need to be a Remote company A list of various GitLab-themed themes Various "side" projects I used at work at GitLab Dead side project that was going to be the AirBnB of finding tutors Dead side project - app for independent music teachers Dead side project - Give your phone number, get your email address Stories of people who didn't get the vaccine and lived (or died) to regret it. Dead side project - App to track calls for papers (submitting talks to conferences) Dead side project - predecessor to A fun game based off the old school Tamagotchi Dead side project - COVID screening tool for schools Silly project where you as Jocko questions, he tells you to do pull ups Silly Slack app that just adds /collartug to Slack and returns this gif Failed slack package manager for emojis An inside joke. Yes a whole domain for an inside joke