Side Projects

This page contains some of the various side projects I have worked on in the past or am currently working on. You can also see a complete list of the domains I own (to keep myself honest).

Simple Todo List for Slack

Simple Todo List is a Slack add in used by teams all over the world. Keep lists of to-dos, discussion topics, or ideas with each person you chat with in Slack!

Track open calls for proposal, submissions, and your talk abstract library all in one place. Built on Netlify, Netlify Functions, and Fauna DB.

Quiz Me

Flashcards that actually work. Unlock the power of Spaced Repetition, known for years as the best way to ensure long-term retention of information and knowledge.

Onboarding Buddy

Stress-free onboarding for any size team. Provide context, and boost productivity. Plan, design, and automate the new hire experience.

Stickers Around the World

My goal is to send fun stickers to as many countries as possible. If your country isn't yet represented here - send me a DM on Twitter and I'll try and get you some!

Do You Even ART?

The podcast about art and its place in pop culture in the 21st century.

Knight Check

Protect your realm with daily COVID-19 health screening. Includes tools for school administrators and parents, including screening questions, arrival badges, and management of exceptions.

HN Suite

An open source, unofficial extension to make Hacker News a little nicer.