AI Instagram

AI Instagram

Do you think the first all AI Instagram account has been created yet - one that fools people into thinking it's a real person, but all the photos are completely AI generated?

I was listening to Bo Burnham's Inside again, which I am convinced will be the key piece of art to come out from the pandemic that explains how it felt to those of us who lived through the pandemic in the United States. At least those of us who like Bo struggle with mental health and are extroverted but were forced inside for years at a time...

Anyway, I digress. I decided to try and generate my own Instagram from scratch based on the lyrics to his song White Woman's Instagram. Here are the results.

An open window
A novel
A couple holding hands

I'm glad that AI is bad at drawing hands still too just like humans...

An avocado
A poem written in the sand
Fresh fallen snow on the ground
A golden retriever in a flower crown

That's it for the first verse of White Woman's Instagram. I have to say with some more time spent on the prompts, many of these could pass for real Instagram pics - the only problem being with rendering humans. But then again, I was using a free version of the DALL-E engine and could probably get better results if I paid for them.

Special thanks to on Hugging Face for the generator - feel free to give it a try for yourself:

Bonus Pics

As a bonus, I put an entire verse into the generator:

Latte foam art, tiny pumpkins
Fuzzy, comfy socks
Coffee table made out of driftwood
A bobblehead of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
A needlepoint of a fox
An entire verse. We got socks that look like tiny pumpkins and latte foam art

But then I didn't get the thing I wanted most out of it - which was a bobblehead of Ruth Bader I spent far too much time trying to make that happen. Here are the best results I could get:

One more bonus image

From "That Funny Feeling" I had to try and produce "Stunning 8k resolution meditation app"

AI's depiction of a stunning 8k resolution meditation app