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See my events page for upcoming events. I even have what events I've submitted talks to buy may or may not be accepted to in the spirt of transparency. You can also check out my speaker bio.

Abstracts & Videos

Expanding JAMstack with Professional-grade CI/CD

The JAMStack provides developers the ability to ship applications quickly and delight the people that matter most - users. This talk tells that story.

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Kubernetes the peaceful way

How can we make it peaceful for developers and save them from having to go through “Kubernetes the hard way”?

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The Asynchronous Enterprise

How do you build a $3 billion dollar company with zero offices and 1,200 team members in 65+ countries? Well let me tell you...

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All I need to know about DevOps I learned from XKCD

XKCD comics are more than just funny, you can really learn great DevOps lessions in these clever dorky comics.

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Closer to the Code: Speed up development by focusing on CI

Performance in DevOps is just like software performance in general - get it closer to the processor (or code) and you'll be able to move a lot faster

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The Weeds of Cloud Native

Navigating the weeds of Cloud Native tooling can be costly - this talk presents a framework for tooling decision making for the enterprise.

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Three keys to making the right multicloud decisions

The question isn't about if you will be a multi- or hybrid-cloud company. The question is - are you ready to be better at it than your competition.

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What Apollo 11 can teach us about DevSecOps

In this talk, I'll prove that many modern software engineering ideas - Agile, DevOps, branching - were actually invented during the Apollo space program in the 1960s.

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Black Mirror Season 5 - DevOps

We need to work carefully to prevent the next season of Black Mirror from featuring SRE, DevOps engineer, or CISO characters.

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