I sometimes get asked about my desk setup, and I figured it would be nice to share that easily with folks.

Ever since the pandemic, many more folks are working from home and trying to understand how to make that work. I've shared several tips for being Suddenly Remote before, but I thought a deep dive into my setup would help some.

This page will serve as the evergreen spot for my current setup and tech.

Current Setup

Currently, I'm using a two-desk setup - one desk as my daily work desk and one as my streaming desk. I didn't like having all the complex equipment around me for "daily driving" so I moved to this system in early 2022. Time will tell if this was a good idea or not.

  1. Elgato Wave:1 Microphone - this is my "daily driver" microphone. And the Wave Link software is what I use when streaming on Twitch
  2. Elgato Stream Deck - comes in various sizes. Controls lights, camera, microphone
  3. IQUNIX F96 - great Bluetooth 96% mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches
  4. DinoFire Presentation Clicker - I use this even when presenting from my desk because it is quieter than a keyboard or mouse click.
  5. Apple AirPods Pro - daily driver for listening to video calls and music while working
  6. Logitech MX Master 2S
  7. MOTU M2 USB-C Audio Interface - this drives the SM7B below, gives it 48v of phantom power, and connects it to my MacBook
  8. Electric Stand-up Desk Frame - the desk can be a standing or sitting desk. Top I made myself from some maple hardwood...but this is the kit I used to motorize it.
  9. RODE PS 1 Microphone Boom Arm
  10. Shure SM7B - go-to microphone for podcasters, this is the one I use to sound amazing on Zoom or presentations and to...well record my podcast. Yes, it is super expensive, but I'll tell you why I think it's worth it if you ask.
  11. Elgato Key Light I have two of these, both wall-mounted. They are expensive, but they are amazing. Good lighting is required for a good video
  12. Sony Alpha A1000 - Mirrorless camera paired with a dummy battery and an Elgato CamLink to get professional quality video into my Macbook. I bought mine used for a great price.
  13. YIOCOE Softbox. Diffuse light is your best friend for video.
  14. The smallest Fully Standing Desk they sell fits in that space well. My other desk was DIY and so Fully, while expensive, did make it easier to assemble and go.
  15. Wall-mounted triangle boom arm. I was tired of the light being on a stand and taking up floor space.
  16. Elgato strip lights to help with more diffuse light.
  17. Apple Pink iMac 24". I didn't particularly appreciate working off a laptop at my desk every day, so I bought myself this.
  18. The cutest Apple Watch charger I've ever seen - the elago W3 Stand
  19. The Lego Saturn V rocket. I heard they were discontinuing it, so I bought it...but I don't think they did. I do not regret this.
  20. A Herman Miller Aeron I bought brand new because I wanted size C. My credit card hated me, but my back loves me for this purchase.
  21. Some old Samsung TV I had lying around in my basement...I didn't think my massive curved monitor would look good there, but I needed a screen for OBS/Twitch chat for streaming.
  22. Kid drawings. Estimated value: $0 or priceless. But I hang them up with these awesome magnetic strips to easily rotate them. We have those strips in the kid's rooms too.


My MacBook isn't labeled above but is a 13" 2020 MacBook Pro.

  • Processor: Apple M1
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Graphics: Apple M1 integrated GPU
  • Hard Drive: 500 GB

Apps I use

Below is a list of apps that I use on my Mac. I don't currently have affiliate links to any of these, I just love them

Other Items

Other items that are not pictured:

Note, in the interest of transparency: I am not currently "sponsored" by any of these products...but for the links that are to Amazon, they are affiliate links where I would get a small commission if you buy them there.

Why is there no #7?

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